• Concap Endurance AB

Concap Endurance AB


Increase your physical and mental endurance in your athletic performance with this unique formula.

Convient surtout aux personnes appartenant aux groupes sanguins A, AB et B.

Formula based on guarana and caffeine to also help support energy levels.

Suitable for the ideal endurance training to finish at maximum efficiency: strength-focus-energy-endurance.

1 jar contains 120 capsules

NUT-Number: 1386/17

CNL-Number: 3770153

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Coating: microcrystalline cellulose. Contains only natural ingredients.

ComponentQuantity per capsule 930mg
Guarana extract

50mg (22% Ref.intake)

Terminalia arjuna100mg
Rhodiola Rosea 70mg (3% Ref. intake)
Cordiceps Sinensis 60mg
L-ornithine 40mg
L-citruline 40mg
Caffeine water-free35mg
Grape seed extract 30mg
Bèta-Alanine 30mg
St. John's wort 30mg
P-aminobenzoic acid 30mg
Neem 3 tot 4 capsules in 45 minuten voor de fysieke inspanning met voldoende water.
Voedingssupplement. Dagelijks aanbevolen dosis niet overschrijden zonder medisch advies. Droog en afgesloten bewaren buiten bereik van kinderen.

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