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With Concap, developed for and by athletes, we strive every day for the best-working supplements and formulas to help athletes perform and support their health



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Natural booster for body & soul

Our 100% natural capsules improve circulation, energy and zest for life in the short term.

Expertise & own product line

The Concap-formulas differ from other nutritional supplements in our focus on a highly palable* effect through extensive product testing.

Recreational & professional use

Our products are suitable for recreational or professional use or for heavy work with higher concentration requirements.

The success of the Concap-productline

The Concap-formulas distinguish themselves from other sports/nutritional supplements by putting our focus on a well-palable effect through comprehensive product testing. As with Concap, nowhere else are experienced athletes, active young and young-adult people tracked for tangible results achieved with supplements. Hereby, we succeed in constantly improving and renewing out formulas and expanding our range.

Our users experience extra focus, energy, zest for life and strength, endurance and quick recovery after sport or hard physical work, but also concentration during mental work (study or other). Using our formulas in the correct way, constantly provides for an immediate perceptible result. Things are always a little smoother, faster or more concentrated with Concap.

Those who have discovered Concap, never switch again!

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What our customers have to say

  • "Perform with Concap products is actually a bit easier! Concap is for everyone. Had already tested quite a lot but Concap is the ideal product for everybody"

  • “After my Belgian title on the road in the elites without a contract in 2018, I came in contact with Concap. Thanks to the Concap and X-Nutri products, my performance became even better and I won even more. Before, during and after the race or training, it is a pleasure to use Concap’s products because they are top quality and provide your body with the right nutrients to perform at top level. But just as importantly, they are very easy to digest and are also very tasty. Since 2018, Concap is a sports nutrition brand and I will never use another brand again!”

    Rutger Wouters
  • "I have recently been testing a lot of Concap. But can only be positive about the effects for the moment. One product works better than the other but I can definitely recommend everyone to use Concap."

    Mathias Lefeber Evolution Sports Oudenaarde
  • "I, Winandy Wim, owe my good achievements and many victories to your top products of Concap! Especially because they are made based on blood groups. The OXI+ is a highly recommended product. It gives you more oxygen in the muscles and you have better control over your breathing under extreme efforts/stain! I use the isotonic in a drinking bottle and during hot weather the ORS again. Never suffer from cramps! After exercise, I use the RECUP shake and amino O to help me recover completely and be ready for the next competition. If you have questions, you always get clear advice. Ordered today before 15h, delivered tomorrow!"

    Wim Winandy Fitamorfosa Zottegem
  • "I’m satisfied with the high quality of the products. The orders ran smoothly and have been correctly dealt with. There’s easy communication available in case of questions or issues."

    Chloé De Cnodder

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