• Concap ketone drink

Concap ketone drink


Concap Keton Drink is a lemon-flavored liquid formula that, especially during vigorous efforts, fiercely supports endurance and recovery.

Ketones are the body's own substances that convert fats into energy after sugar reserves are depleted.

By adding ketones in your sports nutrition or supplements, you are advancing that process in order to perform better. This formula came about after years of research and testing, and is one of the biggest flagships of the Concap brand.

De combinatie van ketonen, L-carnitine en camelia sinesis geeft deze voordelen als sporter:

energie - uithouding - herstel - gewichtsverlies.

NUT-Number: 1386/44

CNK-Nummer: 3979820

1 bottle contains 500 ml.

1 dose contains 25ml

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Water, citric acid, flavoring, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

ComponentQuantity per 100ml
Raspberry ketones500mg
Camelia Sinesis100mg
Grapefruit extract50mg
For athletes: add 1 dose (25ml) to the water bottle along with your sports drink.
For weight loss: Use undiluted up to a maximum of 3 doses per day, preferably each time sober.

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