• X-Nutri vitamine D3 K1 E

X-Nutri vitamine D3 K1 E


Vitamin D3 supplement with following positive properties:

  • Vitamin D contributes to normal immune system function

  • Vitamin D helps ensure good immunity

  • Vitamin D promotes normal/good blood calcium levels

  • Vitamin D is required for the normal growth and
    development of children's bones.

  • The Health Council recommends seniors and people withdarker skin tones take extra vit D to strengthen bones

  • Vitamin D increases bone calcium absorption

  • Vitamine D supports the bones

  • Vitamin D has beneficial effects on the cell division process

  • Vitamin D is important for (strong) teeth

  • Vitamin D helps in the normal working of muscles

Vitamine E:

  • Helps protect against influences of pollution and sunlight

  • Helps protect healthy body cells

  • Helps the (natural) immune system of the body cells

Vitamine K:

  • supports blood clotting

  • Contributes to the maintenance of strong bones

  • good for the skeleton

NUT-Number: 3029/16

CNK-Nummer: 4118501

60 capsules per jar

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Component Quantity per capsule Ref. intake by 2000kcal
Vitamine E15mg 100%
Vitamine D3 75mcg500%
Vitamine K 135mcg
1 x daily 1 capsule to be taken with water after a meal.

Dietary supplement. Does not replace a varied and balanced diet nor a healthy lifestyle.
Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance without medical advice.
Store cool and dry away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of young children.

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