• Concap hypotonic drink 55-11 pink grapefruit

Concap hypotonic drink 55-11 pink grapefruit

Sport drinks

Our hypotonic sports drinks are super concentrated sports drinks enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support endurance and team sports. This refreshing pink grapefruit-flavored drink helps you hydrate faster during physical exertion.

The drink contains exceptionally few sugars and is therefore ideally suited as a sports drink when dieting. For this, at least halve the recommended dose.

Also ideal as an addition to mineral water for individuals who drink very limited amounts (2ml/500ml).

1 dose contains 10ml

1 bottle contains 500ml.

NUT-Number: 1386/45

CNK-Number: 3983038

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Nutritional values
Per 100g Per portion
energie 140kcal/595kJ 14kcal/60kJ
vetten 0g 0g
verzadigde vetten 0g 0g
koolhydraten 35g 3,5g
suikers 26g 2,6g
eiwitten 0g 0g
vezels 0g 0g
zout 235mg 24mg

Filtered water, maltodextrin, acidity regulator: organic citric acid, colors: beta-carotene, emulsifier: acacia gum, natural grapefruit concentrate (3%), sweeteners: sucralose, stevioglycosides, preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

ComponentQuantity per 100ml
Calcium calcium lactate105mg = 1% Ref. intake
chloride (sociumchloride) 70mg = 1% Ref. intake
magnesium hydrogen citrate65mg = 1% Ref. intake
potassium monopotassium phosphate25mg = 1% Ref. intake
phosphorus 20mg = 1% Ref. intake
Vitamine B1 thiamine1650mcg = 15% Ref. intake
Vitamine B2 Riboflavine2100mcg = 15% Ref. intake
Vitamine B3 Niacine24mg = 15% Ref. intake
Vitamine B59mg = 15% Ref. intake
Vitamine B62100mcg = 15% Ref. intake
Vitamine B775mcg = 15% Ref. intake
raspberry ketones100mg
Artichoke extract100mg
Fill the measuring cup by the bottle with 10 ml of concentrate and dilute with 500 ml of water to prepare your sports drink. For a water bottle filled with 750 ml of water, add 15 ml of concentrate.
In a diet, halve this dose.
Using it refrigerated gives an even better taste.
Dietary supplement. Do not exceed daily recommended dose without medical advice. Store dry and sealed out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children. After opening, place in the refrigerator.

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